COBIT 5: Enabling Processes

Keylight COBIT® 5 Usage Agreement
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ITIL provides guidance and good practice for IT service providers for the execution of IT service management from the perspective of enabling business value.

click COBIT 5 describes the principles and enablers that support an enterprise in meeting stakeholder needs, specifically those related to the use of IT assets and resources across the whole enterprise. ITIL describes in more detail those parts of enterprise IT that are the service management enablers process activities, organizational structures, etc.


When third-party providers are involved with the solution development, ensure that maintenance, support, development standards and licencing are addressed and adhered to in contractual obligations. Obtain approval for the proof-of-concept initiative. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Include information control requirements in the business processes, automated processes and IT environments to address information risk and to comply with laws, regulations and commercial contracts. It helps enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, and optimizing risk levels and resource use. For each decision, the following questions can and should be asked: For whom are the benefits? Prepare a programme budget that reflects the full economic life cycle costs and the associated financial and non-financial benefits.

It is based on five principles meeting stakeholder needs; covering the enterprise end to end; applying a single, integrated framework; enabling a holistic approach; and separating governance from management and seven enablers principles, policies and frameworks; processes; organizational structures; culture, ethics and behavior; information; services, infrastructure and applications; people, skills and competencies.

The answer to this problem may however be found in a framework first released in which has been gaining much popularity and momentum in recent years. COBIT and its recent version 5 release is a comprehensive framework that, put simply, has been designed to help realize the alignment of the enterprise with IT and to assist organizations with meeting planned business objectives.

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This is achieved through the use of 5 key principles designed to be applied to organizations of all types and sizes:. The below table helps show the depth and usefulness of COBIT 5 as a single go to point through its unification of standards and frameworks into a single holistic model.

CobiT 5 Enabling Processes

Help optimize the cost of IT services and technology, through the integration of an improved and enhanced operational IT system. Assist in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies. Provide clearer vision and understanding of cybersecurity risks, allowing improvement and scope to be implemented. Contribute in increased user satisfaction, through an improved integration of information security measures and outcomes.

Internal Control & Risk Management Frameworks

Enable a faster route to achieving strategic business goals and benefits, through the effective and innovative use IT. Provide top management with an overview of current IT enterprise findings, identifying key problem areas of improvement.

Candidates will be able to: Effectively analyze business IT operations. Source the root of problem areas and implement change through scope and plan. Assess and resolve current process capabilities.

COBIT 5 : enabling processes

COBIT 5 Enabling Processes. Bookstore Non-members purchase eBook: Non- Member US $ Members: use yellow button above to download free eBook. ENABLING PROCESSES. COBIT 5 Enabler: Processes. Source: COBIT 5: Enabling Processes, figure 8. Enabler Dimension. Stakeholders. Goals. Life Cycle.

Implement the latest good practices, in order to avoid future risk and process capability delay. Candidates will be able to: Approach, plan and implement improvements using good practices. Implement one framework to support all IT management capabilities. Use COBIT 5 metrics and scorecards to create a performance measurement framework for an organization.