Mexico: A Novel

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Unfortunately, this study has not been translated into English, though a widely available Spanish translation does exist. Rutherford offers a compact synopsis of the genre and provides a precise definition of the Novel of the Revolution. Brushwood presents a view of Mexican history as presented by the Novel of the Revolution.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. The novel is narrated by a town and tells of a town occupied by the Mexican army and mistreated by them another common theme in Mexican literature. Writings, particularly about the Conquest, the New World and related topics abound in the 16th and 17th century. When his mother dies days before the big party, Big Angel turns the weekend into a double-header in celebration of both their lives. Salvador Elizondo was an experimental writer. However, as time passed, many establishments opened open-roofed segments of their restaurants or allowed patrons to smoke near entryways, leading to more lax rules.

Edited by Armando Periera, — An important entry that describes the genre and the many subgenres it spawned, including indigenist narratives, social narratives, and Cristero narratives. Also provides a comprehensive list of the many works that form the genre.

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No English translation is available. Brushwood, John S. Austin: University of Texas Press, Dessau, Adalbert. Der Mexikanische Revolutionsroman. The most complete study of the Novel of the Revolution , this work follows the development of the genre from novels produced during the decade of intense fighting to novels written about the complex society that emerged after the Revolution. Examines the ideological underpinnings of the Novel of the Revolution , providing extensive analysis and synopsis of dozens of novels. No English translation of this work exists.

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Pulitzer Prize–winning author James A. Michener, whose novels hurtle from the far reaches of history to the dark corners of the world, paints an intoxicating. Mexico is a novel by James A. Michener published in Plot[edit]. The main action of Mexico takes place in Mexico over a three-day period in the fictional city .

Franco, Jean. An Introduction to Spanish-American Literature.

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New York: Cambridge University Press, This work offers a general introduction to Latin American literature. It covers a broad range of periods from Independence to the early 21st century. Fuentes, Carlos. La nueva novela hispanoamericana. An important essay by a founding member of the Latin American Boom, Fuentes recognizes the importance of the genre in modernizing Latin American literature. Edited by Daniel Cosillo Villegas, — The foremost authority of Mexican popular culture provides an extensive and detailed panorama of the distinct literary, cinematic, and theatrical movements of the Mexican 20th century.

This general overview provides an excellent discussion regarding the significance of the Novel of the Revolution. Morton, F. Mexico City: Cultura, Sign In. Search Cart.